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Beach Bummers started as only a vision and theory in the mind of Kester. Growing up in the paradise twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, located in the West Indies, 7 miles off the coast of Venezuela, Kester loved nothing better than spending the whole day on the beach and exploring all the natural landforms that makes the island so unique. Upon migrating to the United States, Kester always missed the beach vibes and culture that are not in existence on the shores of the beautiful Gulf Coast.

While travelling to many of the Caribbean islands, from the Bahamas, Cayman islands and Bermuda, just to name a few, Kester has experienced so many diverse cultures and beach life styles that have yet to be experienced on the coastal shores of Florida, where he now calls his home. The idea was to infuse Caribbean beach culture into the very essences of beach life here in Florida to create a vibe that promotes the laid back, "no worries" attitude most evident in the Caribbean.

Being a beach bum at heart and mind also, Kester wanted to see what vibe and energy each beach along the Florida Gulf coast has to offer. Studying the local beach cultures carefully, and exploring the diverse coastal landscapes on a daily basis, a deep connection with the area gave Kester a more solid idea of what can be added and offered to set this coastal gem apart from any other. How to share that appreciation for the ocean and what it can do for the mind and body was the key question, along with setting ourselves apart from the conventional idea of what" beach going" was. Thus the creation of Beach Bummers. The idea was now to create a setting or rather a space where tourist, thrill seekers, adventurers and beach lovers alike can melt into the white sand beaches for hours upon hours experiencing some ocean therapy and the Caribbean vibe while being extremely comfortable doing so. The "Living room" was so hence formed. With the use of bamboo to build beach loungers that will form a couch sectional, much like the ones found in most living rooms. the use of large bohemian mandala pattern pillows and tapestry full of color and life enhances your experience, putting your mind in that meditative state to relax and let your worries and fear be non existent. Even up to this day, Kester still frequents the beach, becoming one with the nature associated with it, soaking up all the energy and magical vibes that the ocean brings.

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