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Beach Bummers

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It's very simple really. We know that the ocean provides a source of therapy that is unmatched by anything else. The idea was to keep people on the beach for a longer period instead of the quick trip to feel the sand or a glance at the sunset for a quick photo opt. We needed a way to keep the therapy session going so tourists and locals alike can be put into a metal space that creates a feeling of nirvana, and at the same time gave homage to the beach and nature. Being born and raised in the Caribbean, and having traveled to many beaches around the world, we know what it feels like to be in the right space and the right frame of mind to release tension from everyday living through tourism. However, we wanted to bring something more to the tourism industry in North America that was not only creative, but authentic, promoting that vibe people are looking for when they pick up a travel magazine to plan their escape. Thus, the formation of Beach Bummers and our bamboo beach set up. Adding the flavors of the Caribbean and a remote tropical feel was done intentionally to give people that extra vibe they crave. More so, it was created to be a green alternative from the commonly seen plastic chair and umbrella set up.

We do it, because this is how we would vacation!

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