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The Cabana

Cabana Bamboo

Luxury Tropical Bamboo Cabana
Luxury Bamboo Cabana
Luxury Tropical Bamboo Cabana

Built 100% from structural bamboo, these cabanas (10'x10') in dimension, were designed and hand built by us Beach Bummers
to be mobile, able to setup anywhere (indoor or outdoor) on any surface, at any event. And can be easily broken down for storage. The cabana shades were designed to bring in the right balance of shade and sunlight into the space, and hand sown using quality Sunbrella material that is able to withstand harsh outdoor environments. The material also is water repellant, keeping the cabana/s cool during extreme hot temperatures in the summer months. Also, our low seated beach sofas were built out of recycled bamboo and reclaimed pallets, with cushions also hand sown using Sunbrella material and high-density foam. The build creates the ideal living room setting for a maximum comfortable, tropical exotic escape away from the 9-5 work environment. In addition, our bamboo cabanas bring an authentic West Indian (Caribbean) vibe with a touch of modern luxury to complement any beach, putting you into a space that will take you away to a blissful remote island relaxing getaway. You probably will not want to leave this ocean therapy session to return to your regularly scheduled program.

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