The Mission

Beach Bummers sole mission is to create a setting where your beach experience is unique from what you are accustomed to when it comes to spending the day with sea, sand and sun. Total relaxation, putting your mind at ease and intense feeling of comfort and joy is what we aim for when we put you in our bamboo cabana/living room. All designed and built by us. Decked out with a boho vibe, vibrant colors and patterns, our living room on the beach is designed to let you pass the hours away in pure bliss like you are in the comfort of your own living room at home. No need to drag your chairs and umbrellas across the sand, only to have it blown away by the wind, causing bodily damaged to other beach goers just to have that special day with your crew. That's our job!. (Not the bodily damage part). We at

Beach Bummers are here to make it easy for you and to provide you with a memorable experience!.

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